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Our take on SR&ED

Continuous Engagement.

We see SR&ED as more than just a year-end activity. To us, it’s about ongoing communication to build effective documentation for a robust claim.

Our journey begins at our first meeting where, together, we determine key milestones. We kickstart the process by exploring your current research, claim goals and future plans.

How we work


Familiarize ourselves with your work and your team.

Personalized guidance: You’ll always know the names and the faces of our very hands-on team of experts. 


Understand your existing processes and systems.

We take the time to learn how you work and your past challenges with SR&ED.


Determine and begin working on eligible projects.

No magic formula, no secret sauce: We believe in the simple and effective power of well-trained and experienced minds to help you navigate the complexities of SR&ED.


Identify 'natural checkpoints' in your work to effortlessly track SR&ED.

Process driven but not rigid: We don't force fit into your systems but work with them. 


Continuously manage your claim as you focus on your projects.

Regular meetings held throughout the year ensure that all claimable work is documented leading to a consistent claim experience. 


Meet at year end for final reviews and finishing touches.

Our process ensures peace of mind around tax time. No last minute stresses.

What we provide

Larger Returns

Minimize Time

Audit Support

Detailed analysis of research and development costs by categorizing it to claim maximum refunds

Saving more time by automating your projects’ data collection, reports and analysis with enhanced details

Less probability of audit risks and if you get one then don’t worry we take care everything you need to overcome